How much does a website cost?

by Rob Owen

Posted on 11th March 2020

How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost? is perhaps the question we get asked the most.

Before we can answer this question, there are several things to consider first.


The objective of your website will ultimately determine the cost. A simple brochure website with a couple of pages will take less time to build than a large ecommerce site selling 1000’s of products.


Before you even see a first draft of your website, there are hours of work put in to ensure we can create a site that will work to your objective.

During the planning phase we will create a design brief, sitemap and functional specification. Once these have been completed then work can begin on building the finished product.


The overall visual style of the site will most likely be determined by your company branding ensuring a consistent look and feel across all marketing materials.

For a small site we may only supply a single mock-up of the homepage and adapt this across the site during build. For larger sites, or sites incorporating complex functionality we may provide mock-ups of each page.


Content is something that is often overlooked. Do you need professional content writing or are you happy to provide content yourself? Are you able to provide media such as images and videos or do we need to source them for you?

Anything that requires additional time and effort will increase the cost.


This is the point where the website itself is created. We take the signed-off design and use it to create the actual functioning site.

How the site is built and what technology used is determined by your objectives. If you want to update the site yourself then we will incorporate a content management system (CMS), if you want to sell products we will incorporate an ecommerce system.

Utilising an open source CMS such as WordPress will speed up the whole development process making it a cheaper alternative to a fully bespoke website.

Domain & Hosting

Before you begin to build a website, you should secure a domain name. A domain name is essentially the ‘address’ of your website and allows visitors to find you. You can buy a domain name from a number of suppliers including ourselves. Domains are required to be renewed usually on an annual basis.

Hosting is essentially ‘renting’ space on a server connected to the internet where you can upload and serve your site from. Hosting is usually purchased on an annual basis and there are many suppliers offering this service.


If you don’t have a CMS, you may need to pay your web developer to update content/images etc. or make changes that are external to the CMS.

There may be upgrades and security updates that need installing. You need to determine if you are comfortable doing you yourself or whether you need to pay a professional. Just like owning a car; Are you happy to make repairs yourself or do you pay a mechanic?

In conclusion

We do not have a one-size-fits-all solution. Although all our websites are custom designed and developed for each client’s specific requirements and budget, the chart below can be used as a rough price guide.

Features Ideal for Cost

‘Brochure’ style

One to five pages with a contact form

One years free hosting and a free or .com domain name*

Individuals, sole traders or small businesses
who do not need to update their content regularly
£200 to £500
Small business

‘Brochure’ style

Several pages incorporating a CMS

Social media integration

‘Google places for business’

Google analytics and maps

One years free hosting and a free or .com domain name*

Individuals, sole traders or small businesses
who need to update their content regularly
£500 to £2,000

All the features of a ‘small business website’, plus:

e-commerce functionality

Order management system

Delivery tracking functionality

Live chat

One years free hosting and a free or .com domain name*

Any business looking to sell online £1,000 to £5000

Database driven websites

Advanced functionality

Unlimited sub pages

One years free hosting and a free or .com domain name*

Business requiring complex functionality
e.g. financial services, recruitment or property companies,
health and fitness businesses, architects etc
From £2,500

* One years free basic hosting on our shared Linux platform plus 1 years registration of a .com domain or 2 years registration of a domain. After the free period has expired you will be responsible for the ongoing costs.

We are more than happy to provide a free estimate, just get in touch.

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